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Turns out you can buy happiness, it's called a Concept 2 model E rowing machine and it's in the three sixty° studio right now!

2 weeks ago

Fancy changing your approach to nutrition today? Start here and here

2 weeks ago

A huge shout out to @WeAreLifeUK for giving their help with The Break Out Project's up and coming web presence too, you're beautiful people

2 weeks ago

And it's not just funds, our new Break Out Project non-profit will also be working on nutrition and rehab through movement for Mumbai kids

2 weeks ago

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About three sixty°

three sixty° offers personal training in Manchester & Cheshire with a difference.

That’s not only because our CREATION program delivers guaranteed results within 30 days, or because our holistic, three sixty° assessment methods get to the root of problems and help you understand your body, rather than just flogging you to death with repetitive exercise, session in, session out.

And it’s not only because no two of our programs are ever built the same way, the way no two humans are.

Nope, it’s the way it makes you feel, the smile when you look in the mirror, or try your old jeans on again. It’s the increased energy you feel when you wake in the morning, the way health issues fade away, and you perform better while at work or at play.

It’s delivering those things quickly, quietly and fuss-free that makes three sixty° different, and it’s the reason you’ll love what we do.

So, please feel free to hang out and get a feel for how we do things. Make yourself right at home, pop the kettle on and explore a few articles, check out our food pyramid and discover our recipe of the month.

Who knows, you might even find yourself booking a free 30 minute consultation and spending a lot more time with us at three sixty°. We’d love to see you.

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